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The McClintock Piano Course: A New Experience in Learning



Have you ever set out to do something and found, after you finished, that you had been so intent on the goal of “getting it done” that you had missed the experience of doing it? Doesn’t this frequently happen when we set out to learn something? We would prefer to “already know,” and therefore, we are apt to impatiently rush ahead, thus depriving ourselves of the joy of the experience of learning.

We often think of learning or of “getting an education” as a means to an end, and we may have a tendency to look upon the process of learning as a kind of drudgery to be endured until we have arrived at our goal. In school, did you ever have as your sole aim the grade or credit? And instead of enjoying the experience of learning, did you frantically stuff your mind with facts and formulas and data and rules, thereby limiting the experience to one of mentally cataloging information so that you would know all the right answers? Of course, such an experience is totally superficial, and after the examination, we seldom remember what we “learned.”

The real purpose of education is quite the opposite. The word educate comes from the Latin word educare, meaning “to draw out” or “to bring forth.” The word “education” is one of the most significant and powerful words in our language, because it implies that there is already something within us to be drawn out. The poet Robert Browning gave us the secret, when he wrote:

“Truth is within ourselves; it takes no rise
From outward things, whate’er you may believe.
… and, to know,
Rather consists in opening out a way
Whence the imprisoned splendor may escape,
Than in effecting entry for a light
Supposed to be without.”
—-From Paracelsus

Inherent in each of us are principles and truths that can be awakened and drawn out through every realm of experience. Throughout this Course, you will be developing a musical consciousness by responding to principles as they apply to the study of music. As you respond to a principle, your awareness will increase and expand, and you will find that there are unlimited applications of the same principle to other areas of your daily life. And to the degree that your awareness increases and expands, each experience will become deeper, broader, and richer.

“In this Course, you will be given all the principles that I have discovered, and you will be led in a simple and direct way through the application of those principles as each experience of your study unfolds. Often you may find yourself saying something like: “Why, of course, that is true! I never thought of it in quite that way before.” And then you will know that you have responded to a principle. I hope you will find, during your study of this Course, that the act of learning — every stage of it — can be one of the most joyous and fulfilling experiences you have ever had.”

– Lorene McClintock © 1992

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Experience in Learning
Review from New York Magazine Review from Piano & Keyboard
  • When I first met Lorene McClintock and encouraged her to expand her revolutionary ideas on how to learn to read music and play the piano, neither of us could have…

    - Julius Rudel, Conductor, Former Director, New York City Opera

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  • Your method is the only one I have ever heard of that can develop musicality from a book. I consider it the ultimate in adult study courses for use throughout…

    - Audrey Roslyn, Pianist, Teacher, Former President of the Music Education League

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  • In a world full of the shoddy and half done, it is a real pleasure to come across a product of excellence. The material is easily accessible and handy to…

    - F.B., High School Principal (retired), New York

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  • With a background in electronic engineering, it was difficult for me to get over the mental hurdle of paying a few hundred dollars through mail order without any of the…

    - J.B., Massachusetts

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  • As a teacher of more than 20 years, I am discovering that “The McClintock Piano Course” is in a category of its own. There is no other course that even…

    - P.W., California

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  • A great gift has been given to the world, dispelling forever the false belief that music can be learned, enjoyed and performed only by the few. For me, this Course…

    - L.R., Arizona

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  • How very grateful I am for this wonderful opportunity to at last learn to play the piano, and to play it musically. Life has already become more of an adventure.…

    - D.M., Michigan

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  • I feel like I have just climbed Mount Everest. As a child with dyslexia, I was unable to coordinate the movement of my hands and feet — upper and lower…

    - S.R., Washington, D.C.

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  • It was always my desire to play the piano and I had looked forward to taking lessons after I retired. However I retired confined to a wheel chair, unable to…

    - J.S., New York

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  • When I first heard of “The McClintock Piano Course”, I had been working for a dozen years in the jazz and commercial fields. I had been away from formal education…

    - R.V., New York

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  • Immediately after I started reading “The McClintock Piano Course”, I felt that right there in front of me, in the words of the Course, was the teacher I’d always needed.…

    - P.D., New York

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  • I have been teaching what is probably the first McClintock Piano Course in England. The style of your writing is so clear and uncluttered and the progression so well thought…

    - J.H., Datchet, England

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  • Thanks to “The McClintock Piano Course”, for the first time in my life, I became conscious of the ultimate value of being correctly taught how to play intervals from the…

    - Dr. W. Kersing, Holland

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  • I wish I could explain what “The McClintock Piano Course” means to me. When I was on drugs, they would sap my energy so much that I wouldn’t be able…

    - R. L., New York

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  • All the principles of Montessori are embodied in this Course. … From the very first lesson the student develops visual, auditory, memory, and tactile skills. Because the Course is one…

    - J. M. Special Education Training Specialist, New York

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  • Enclosed is an order for your recording, “Reflections of the Soul.” I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful Piano Course…. I have always loved…

    - J.T., Connecticut

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  • In my opinion as a psychologist, this rapid speed of learning can be attributed to your unique “signal-and- response” system, which allows the learner to circumvent unnecessary mediating learning processes…

    - J.F., Virginia

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  • “The McClintock Piano Course” has transformed and shaped my athletic endeavors on both a professional and recreational basis. There are too many ways to mention in which the astounding methodology…

    - G.M. Former football player with the San Francisco 49ers, New York

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  • I want you to know how grateful I am to you and your wonderful McClintock Piano Course for giving me a second chance to learn to play the piano…. My…

    - C.D., New York

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  • “The McClintock Piano Course” represents the ultimate in music education — a master work of structural learning by one who understands the laws and principles behind music and is able…

    - K.M., Texas

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  • Even though I have been playing piano for many years, my sight-reading improved before I was half way through Volume I. Your methods are invaluable tools that must benefit any…

    - J.D., California

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  • Homeschooling requires a great commitment of time and discipline. As my husband and I sought to rear and educate our six children at home, we looked for ways to expand…

    - L.B., Texas

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  • Your Piano Course will provide spiritual growth as well as enlightenment and fufillment for anyone who works with it.

    - Joel S. Goldsmith

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What Is “The McClintock Piano Course”?

The Course comprises 201 lessons. The music and text are arranged in progressive order for use by teachers as well as by individuals for self study in their own homes. It consists of 3 volumes of music and 8 volumes of corresponding text, plus the McClintock Keyboard Concealer and the McClintock Interval Keyblocks.The Course is packaged in two handsomely boxed sets.

The Course requires no previous knowledge of music or the keyboard.

A piano is not required when the student begins the Course. The student is taught to create his own keyboard in his imagination, and therefore, he is able to practice in the air or on any flat surface. As a matter of fact, it is recommended that the student practice each lesson on an imaginary keyboard before going to the piano. The text of the Course is a guide that engages and inspires students, leading them step by step through a series of procedures that enables them to understand and play classical and popular music, and jazz.

The Course includes compositions from folk music and the classics, with examples from such composers as Bach, Handel, and Chopin, as well as compositions by the author that were written to explain and teach specific aspects of music. (Note: Three of these compositions appear in the Course, and can be heard on the author’s CD, “Reflections of the Soul.”)

The Course employs two unique devices — the McClintock Keyboard Concealer and the McClintock Interval Keyblocks (invented and patented by the author) — which help students establish coordination between their eyes and hands.

The Course teaches the principles of rhythm, melody, and harmony as well as sight-reading, legato playing, phrasing, tone production, and rubato — thus developing the student’s sensitivity for playing the piano musically.

The Course teaches theory from the beginning, as students are learning to read music, and proceeds through advanced work in composition, which students (including those at the graduate level) have found invaluable.

The Course is designed to give the student the unique experience of actually being the student and the teacher at the same time. The sense of observation is developed to such an extent that students are able to catch themselves in the act of violating a principle and therefore can easily recognize and correct their own mistakes. The philosophy and approach have a wide application to all areas of learning.

“ The instructions in the Course provide the student with an immediate experience in depth rather than information and rules, which must later be translated into an experience. Underlying each experience is a principle to which the student innately responds. During the development of this Course, I made many discoveries about the principles involved in reading music and playing the piano musically. These principles not only will enable you to learn music, but also will affect every phase of your daily life — intellectually, culturally, and spiritually.”

– Lorene McClintock

Who will benefit from the Course?

  • Beginners of any age who want to learn to read music and play the piano with or without a teacher.
  • Adults and Teenagers.
  • Homeschooling families.
  • Children with the help of a parent or teacher.
  • Advanced students seeking a structured approach to theory, sight-reading, harmony, analysis and composition.
  • Choir members and anyone studying voice or a musical instrument other than the piano.
  • Band and orchestra students, rock and jazz musicians who need to increase their knowledge of music, and who
  • would benefit from a knowledge of the keyboard. The rhythmic, melodic and harmonic principles taught in the
  • Course apply to any area of music study.
  • Students preparing for college entrance examinations in music; college students majoring in Music Therapy; piano
  • teachers who wish to prepare for certification.
  • Elementary school teachers who require a general knowledge of music and would be helped by being able to read
  • music and play the piano.
  • Teachers in all areas of general education who would benefit from the innovative ideas presented in the Course: “A
  • New Experience in Learning.”
  • Piano teachers seeking a new approach to teaching individuals or students in groups.
  • Retirees with an interest in continued learning.
  • Business men and women looking for a way to unwind from the stress of the workplace.

“Students who have worked with the Course have found that they have been given insights into every area of their daily activities. The experience of studying the Course not only has made the students aware of their own capabilities and potentialities in relation to music, but has given them courage and inspiration to develop and pursue other interests as well.”

– Lorene McClintock