Spiritual Work of Joel Goldsmith

A Special Message given by Joel Goldsmith:

“Consciousness, Life, Truth”

(Read and recorded by Lorene McClintock the day after Joel’s transition on June 18, 1964.)


In Lorene’s words:

“This recorded message, ‘Consciousness, Life, Truth’ was given by Joel at the Honolulu Infinite Way Study Center on September 30, 1963. (Joel had not recorded the talk on tape, but it was transcribed by hand as he spoke, and some of us received a copy of the transcription.)

On Thursday morning, June 18, 1964, Emma called me from London to say that Joel had made the transition the night before. The news was incomprehensible. It had been only two weeks since Joel had given a class in Chicago at which I spoke; and I had gone to the airport here in New York to see them off to London. I felt devastated and sad, and I sat down to meditate.

Immediately I heard Joel’s voice as he spoke to me, saying, ‘I’m dancing in the streets.’ This was a happy and freeing remark that Joel often made in my presence after he had given a class. It indicated his feeling of joyful release upon having completed the delivery of a message. And I knew that by using this remark, he was telling me that he had completed his work here on this plane, and that he was ‘dancing in the streets.’ Hearing Joel speak those words brought me assurance and an inner smile as well.

But then I realized that I had scheduled an Infinite Way tape meeting at the hotel that evening, and how was I going to tell the students that Joel had made the transition? It occurred to me that I should read and record the talk that Joel had given at the Honolulu Study Center on September 30, 1963, and play the recording for the students at the meeting.

Later, I had a very deep and persistent urge to find the tape I had recorded of Joel’s talk. As a result of this urge, I made a recording of the Special Message available for purchase.

This talk contains a very special message to all of us, his students.”

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