Spiritual Work

Lorene’s Association with Joel S. Goldsmith

Lorene studied with Joel Goldsmith and was designated by him to teach his work. Lorene taught in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The focus of Lorene’s work had been on Love and Forgiveness. The message includes a taped class called “Love Greets You: Love, Forgiveness, Mind, and The Garden of Eden”; and a book called “Love and Forgiveness: A New Way to Live.”

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The Lorene McClintock Foundation offers the material below for further spiritual study.
  • no img "Assignments for Infinite Way Study" A Course by
    Lorene McClintock (approved and
    recommended by Joel S. Goldsmith)

    A series of fifteen lessons, which are mailed to the student one at a time. This course was approved and recommended by Joel S. Goldsmith, and provides guidance on how to study and practice the principles of The Infinite Way.

  • no img "Consciousness, Life, Truth" A Special Message given by
    Joel S. Goldsmith

    Read and recorded by Lorene McClintock the day after Joel’s transition (June 18, 1964).

  • no img "Love and Forgiveness:
    A New Way to Live"
    A Book by Lorene McClintock

    In a writing style that is both comfortable and conversational, Lorene McClintock takes us on her journey of questioning and searching – discovery and realization.

    New!  Reference Guide on the Procedure for Forgiveness – Highly Recommended

    A Reference guide outlining the steps of the Procedure for Forgiveness has been created and is included with the purchase of this book when ordered on this website. Previous purchasers of the book can obtain the guide for free upon request.

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    ebook resellers and pricing. Printed book Reference Guide
  • no img "Love Greets You:
    Love, Forgiveness, Mind & The Garden of Eden"
    A Recorded Class by Lorene McClintock

    A simple but powerful and transforming methodology for practicing forgiveness. A Four-Hour Taped Class given by Lorene McClintock.