Lorene’s association with Joel S. Goldsmith in her own words

image_lorenebwJoel S.Goldsmith, a 20th century mystic, taught and lectured worldwide on the principles of spiritual growth and development that were revealed to him, and which he called “The Infinite Way.” Among the more than 40 books written by Joel S. Goldsmith are: “The Infinite Way”; “The Art of Meditation”; “The Art of Spiritual Healing”; “Practicing the Presence”; “The Contemplative Life”; “The Thunder of Silence”; “The Mystical I”; “Living Between Two Worlds”; and “The Altitude of Prayer.”

The pamphlet, “The Fourth Dimension of Life” and the book, “The Infinite Way” were my introduction to Joel S. Goldsmith’s teachings. After having read, studied and practiced the principles of many other teachings, I felt immediately that The Infinite Way was the Path for me. I attended Joel’s classes and worked with him as a student both by correspondence and in person.

From time to time, I conducted some of the Infinite Way Tape Meetings here in New York. Conducting a Tape Meeting involved beginning with a meditation, then playing a recording of one of Joel’s lectures or classes, and then concluding the meeting with another meditation.

In 1959, Joel asked me to arrange for a class and lectures he was soon to give in New York. From then on, when he came to New York, I always took care of the arrangements, including the selection of the lecture halls, and the student reservations for his classes.

The first time I made the arrangements, I had the schedule and location of each of the lectures and classes printed. And I prepared for Joel and Emma (his wife) to arrive.

When I showed Joel the announcement I had had printed, he looked at it and said, “This is fine, but you will have to have it done over.” I was shocked, and asked “Why?” He said, “You will have to add: “For information concerning the Tape Meetings and the healing work, contact Lorene McClintock — and give your address and phone number.”

I was stunned, and I said I really couldn’t do that. So far, I had been willing to “help out,” but I had never thought of taking more responsibility than was involved when Joel would be here in New York. I was very busy writing my Piano Course and I had just co-founded the New York City Opera Guild. Furthermore, I certainly didn’t feel qualified to do healing work — and I told him so. Joel’s reply was, “Anything you can’t handle, just let me know.”

Frankly, I was “shaken up” and scared, and I wondered how I had ever allowed this to happen to me! I realized that this was going to mean a total change in my life, and I didn’t know how I could deal with it.

The first lecture that Joel gave during this visit took place at the Carnegie Recital Hall. And I discovered that I would have to go out on the stage to introduce him. Before the lecture was to begin, Joel and I were sitting backstage meditating, and I was far more nervous than I had ever been before I was to give a piano concert.

Suddenly, “the time” arrived, and Joel asked, “Are you ready?” And I quiveringly said, “Yes.” We walked out on the stage — and my public association with Joel S. Goldsmith was established.

When Joel’s work for that particular visit was completed, I went to the airport to see Joel and Emma off. And as they were leaving, he said he was “counting on me.” I remembered what he had said earlier: “If there is anything you can’t handle, just let me know.”

I began to conduct Tape Meetings at which, after a time, I offered suggestions for the application and practice of the principles of The Infinite Way. Out of this work with the students evolved a series of fifteen lessons, which were later called Assignments for Infinite Way Study. The Course provides guidance on how to study and practice the principles of The Infinite Way.

Meanwhile, at Joel’s urging, I began to teach. I gave classes here in New York and in other cities in the United States. I continued to work on the Piano Course in spite of the fact that Joel wanted me to abandon it and travel around the world and give Infinite Way classes. I was disappointed and distressed that Joel just didn’t seem to understand how important the Piano Course was.

During this time, in addition to my work on the Piano Course, I was having a startling revelation concerning the Garden of Eden, as well as a realization of the absolute necessity for love and forgiveness. As each aspect of this work unfolded, I presented it to the students in the classes that I gave.

Then in 1963, I went to Hawaii to attend a class of Joel’s and to spend some time with him and Emma. I took with me the lessons for Infinite Way study that I had written and the work I had — up to that time — completed on the Piano Course.

I began by showing Joel the lessons for Infinite Way study. I had not hoped — let alone anticipated — that he would be so enthusiastic. The students in New York had found the lessons to be enormously helpful, but I had no further plan concerning them. I was hardly prepared for Joel’s response. He said, “These lessons must be made available for all the students.”

After Joel had seen the Assignments, I showed him the part of the Piano Course that I had completed and had brought with me. When he read it, he said, “I had no idea! All the spiritual principles are in this Course. It will provide spiritual growth as well as enlightenment and fulfillment for anyone who works with it.” Needless to say, I was overjoyed to at last have Joel understand why I had been so persistent in continuing the work on the Piano Course.

In 1964, Joel invited me to speak at a class he was to give in Chicago. For an announcement of the class, I was asked to submit a title for my talk. Since I couldn’t predict what my talk would be about, I chose as my subject, “Living in the Now.” At the class, Joel introduced and recommended the “Assignments for Infinite Way Study” to the students; and he designated me as qualified to teach his work. This was the last class that Joel gave in the United States.

I returned to New York, and in a few days, I went to the airport to see Joel and Emma off to England. One of the last things Joel said to me was, “I don’t know how you can do it all (The Infinite Way work and the Piano Course), but I know that you must do it.”

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