Lorene McClintock’s book on love and forgiveness is very inspiring and brings one to a place of peace and healing. I highly recommend it.
– Deepak Chopra

This astonishing book has provided me with a simple and clear road map to true freedom. It has taught me what forgiveness really means; how to forgive; and why forgiveness is essential for spiritual growth and development. The practical application of principles and techniques presented in this work has transformed my life.
– GM, New York

Working with the material presented in this incredible book has entirely transformed the very essence of our thinking, living, and being, and it has deeply enhanced our daily lives as well as those of our children.
– B&CA, Pennsylvania

This book not only made me aware of the perpetual selfishness that was running my life, but it also presented me with the spiritual guidance necessary to make a change. Serving as parenting tools — surpassed by none — the principles of love and forgiveness are an invaluable gift that I can share with my children.
– JF, New York

I have found that adherence to the clear principles presented in this remarkable book results in a life of love, success, joy, and adventure. The book takes one on a journey to the deepest levels of self-realization and oneness with the Spirit.
– WFM, Prague

This is not only a good book but a great one!
– ME, California

This book has enabled us to transform every troubling relationship in our lives into an experience of complete love, freedom, and oneness. Life cannot be lived successfully nor to its fullest extent without the powerful principles presented in this book.
– K&AK, New Jersey
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