Love and Forgiveness Workshops Spring 2019

Twice a year, (in the Spring and in the Fall) hundreds of students throughout the world have participated in the Workshops that are based on Lorene’’s work on Love and Forgiveness.

The material used for the Workshops consists of Lorene’’s four-hour recorded class called, ““Love Greets You: Love, Forgiveness, Mind, and the Garden of Eden,”” and her book, ““Love and Forgiveness: A New Way to Live.”” To participate in the Workshops, it is necessary to have the suggested material.

On three successive weekends in 2019, April 6 & 7, April 13 & 14, and April 20 & April 21, those of you who have the recordings and the book are invited to join in consciousness as we — each in our own home — —work with the recordings and the book and practice the principles and the suggested procedure. The activity will provide an individual Workshop for each student.

The schedule for the Workshops (New York time) is:


1:00 PM – 3:15 PM (15 minute break at 2:00 PM)

4:30 PM – 6:45 PM (15 minute break at 5:30 PM)


10:00 AM – 12:30 PM (15 minute break at 11:00 AM)

Those who do not yet have the material for the Workshops, but wish to participate, may order the MP3s or CDs and the book from The Foundation.

We sincerely appreciate all the donations given out of Gratitude for participation in these workshops.


To participate in the Workshops, it is necessary to have the suggested material listed below:
  • no img "Love and Forgiveness: A New Way to Live" A Book by Lorene McClintock

    In a writing style that is both comfortable and conversational, Lorene McClintock takes us on her journey of questioning and searching — discovery and realization.

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    ebook resellers and pricing. Printed book
  • no img "Love Greets You:
    Love, Forgiveness, Mind & The Garden of Eden"
    A Recorded Class by Lorene McClintock

    Read and Recorded by Lorene McClintock the day after Joel’s transition (June 18, 1964)