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A Four-Hour Taped Class given by Lorene McClintock:

  • Why forgiveness is essential for spiritual growth and freedom.
  • A simple but powerful and transforming methodology for practicing forgiveness.
  • A startling revelation concerning the Garden of Eden.
  • Four 1-hour audio CDs packaged in a beautifully designed case, or MP3s for immediate download.

In Lorene’s own words:

Joel Goldsmith always encouraged me to teach, and prior to 1964, I gave numerous classes to Infinite Way students. During the time I was teaching, various aspects of the work on “Love, Forgiveness, Mind, and the Garden of Eden” presented themselves.

The work concerning Mind and the Garden of Eden developed first. I had had a startling revelation concerning the Garden of Eden (in the second and third chapters of Genesis), which explained to me the phenomenon of the belief in our separation from the Source. At the same time, I realized that a statement of Joel’s concerning Mind (from the book, “The Thunder of Silence”) was to become an integral part of the clarification and development of this new work.

The definition of “love” and a transforming methodology for forgiveness presented themselves as essential parts of the solution that would enable us to reestablish our oneness with the Source.

As the work developed, I introduced different parts of the message to the students in New York and at a class that I gave on the island of Maui. The work continued to develop as I gave classes throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, the entire work on “Love Greets you: Love, Forgiveness, Mind, and The Garden of Eden” came forth in a four-hour class.

After the Tulsa class, I gave classes only in New York. Students came year after year, and we worked together, using the methodology and applying the principles that were presented in the Tulsa Class. Increasingly we understood why forgiveness is essential and, as we continued to work, we found that many seemingly miraculous changes were taking place in our lives. And we realized that to the degree that we were applying and practicing the principles, we were preparing human consciousness to accept the message.

After years of work with dedicated students, it became clear that the message and its methodology were ready to be released to the world for all those who were receptive. Therefore, in 1993, for the first time, the recordings of the Tulsa Class were made available in a four-hour study course that contains a simple but powerful and transforming methodology for forgiveness, which when practiced, leads to spiritual growth and freedom, and a fulfilling and productive life.

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