McClintock Piano Course, A New Experience in Learning


“The McClintock Piano Course: A New Experience in Learning”


Have you ever set out to do something and found, after you finished, that you had been so intent on the goal of “getting it done” that you had missed the experience of doing it? Doesn’t this frequently happen when we set out to learn something? We would prefer to “already know,” and therefore, we are apt to impatiently rush ahead, thus depriving ourselves of the joy of the experience of learning.

We often think of learning or of “getting an education” as a means to an end, and we may have a tendency to look upon the process of learning as a kind of drudgery to be endured until we have arrived at our goal. In school, did you ever have as your sole aim the grade or credit? And instead of enjoying the experience of learning, did you frantically stuff your mind with facts and formulas and data and rules, thereby limiting the experience to one of mentally cataloging information so that you would know all the right answers? Of course, such an experience is totally superficial, and after the examination, we seldom remember what we “learned.”

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