From: Edgar Cayce A.R.E. NYC Center

“Love and Forgiveness: A New Way to Live”
reviewed by Peter Micelli.

From the first moment I met Lorene McClintock at an A.R.E. program in 1998 I knew she was a “special lady.” Over the years, as I learned more about her, I came to realize there is a genuine caring spirit about her. To top it off, she was born on December 25th!

In the mid 1900’s Lorene studied with Joel S. Goldsmith, a prominent 20th century mystic, whose teaching was called “The Infinite Way,” and she was designated by him to teach his work. She went on to develop her own 17 week course, called “Assignments for Infinite Way Study,” based on Joel’s work. After his transition in 1964, Lorene’s work evolved into helping people (her students) all over the world with the principles of love and forgiveness.

She has finally published her work in the form of a beautifully bound, hardcover book with a built-in ribbon bookmark (a “classy” book). Like a caring teacher, Lorene writes in a thoughtful, comfortable, conversational style. She easily clarifies such complex ideas as “living humanly” and “living spiritually,” and she explains many of the Gospel passages with logic and insight.

Lorene reminds us that when we speak of Jesus the Christ, we must remember that the “Christ” refers to the “Spirit of God.” And, even as Edgar Cayce said, we are to be aware of the Christ Spirit in each and every one of us. When we are told to “pray for our enemies,” she reminds us that our “enemies” are all the people we condemn, or judge, or even gossip about – “those from whom we feel separate,”- as Lorene puts it.

Love is a matter of reconnecting to the experience of Oneness with God and with the Spirit of God within every person on earth.

We have often heard that before we can forgive others we must forgive ourselves, however, Lorene ex- plains that we cannot forgive ourselves and that we can be forgiven only “as we forgive others.” Her step by step method for practicing forgiveness contains the liberating secrets to bring about true love and peace.

I highly recommend working with the methods in “Love and Forgiveness: A New Way to Live.” It can be a life altering experience – regardless of one’s religious beliefs.

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