Recorded Music

  • "Reflections of the Soul"Eight Piano Improvisatons Composed and Performed by
    Lorene McClintock (ASCAP)

    For a radio program on which I was to be interviewed, I recorded eight of my piano improvisations, which I call “Reflections of the Soul” — playing them on my own piano in my living room.

    The response of individuals of all ages who heard the improvisations was overwhelming. And it is because of countless requests that I produced a CD of my music — thus making “Reflections of the Soul” available for purchase. Those who listen to the improvisations always express a desire to hear them again and again; therefore, the series of eight pieces is repeated to facilitate continuous listening. (The written music for three of the improvisations appears in “The McClintock Piano Course: A New Experience in Learning.”)

    – Lorene McClintock