World Work Meditation [Feb 15 through March 15, 2021]


Dear Friend,

We are beginning a world work meditation activity that will start at 8am (EST) on February 15th and conclude after the 8pm (EST) meditation on the evening of March 15th.

The 30 minute silent meditations will take place twice a day at 8am (EST) and 8pm (EST).

If you would like to participate in these World Work meditations,  please join us in consciousness for this sacred activity.

We are inviting All to participate in these meditations and abide in the Activity of Reality having the consciousness of the Ten righteous men.

This Activity of Truth will be our sacred gift to All.

With Love and Gratitude,
Trustees of Lorene McClintock Foundation  


Recommended chapters of study from the writings of Joel S. Goldsmith

Altitude of Prayer                        “The Widening Circle of Prayer”

Beyond Words and Thought     “World Work”

Man Was Not Born to Cry         “Rising Above this World”

The Mystical I                               “Do Not Pass By on the Other Side”

Starting Date:
Monday February 15th [8am to 8:30am EST]

Ending Date:
Monday March 15th [8pm to 8:30pm EST]