Without a doubt, Lorene McClintock’s music emanates from the space of her soul. Even at first hearing, one is startled by the music’s apparent, but truly deceptive simplicity, paired against her stunning technical command which allows the listener to enter into expanded states of awareness that can only be called healing.
– PB, New York

Words cannot begin to describe the utter delight your music has brought to me. I was close to tears from the sheer beauty of the tones. The next minute I was almost smiling and dancing. Your music speaks to my soul in ways I could not have imagined.
– SR, Washington, D.C.

I play “Reflections of the Soul” constantly in my home and office. The atmosphere of peace created by your music has profoundly changed our household. My 11-year old son is much less combative and now often catches himself when he is about to argue or talk back. He also accepts correction with much less resistance. All of us are simply more at home with ourselves — gently surrounded by the light and love of your music.
– GM, New York

As I discovered “Reflections of the Soul”, I began listening to the tape each day before class for my own pleasure, and the music would still be playing when my fifth grade kids came up to the room. Within a week they began to ask me to keep the tape on after class had started. They took to calling it “our work tape” and “our music.” These are kids with little or no experience in listening to music.
– BR, New York

The wonderful simplicity and absolute purity, which is imparted as I listen, surpasses any avenue of communication I have yet experienced. “Reflections of the Soul” cuts right through all the strife and in harmony which is evident in “this world” and lifts me into a deep state of meditation.
– MM, Georgia

I play “Reflections of the Soul” constantly — at home and as I travel. I can’t tell you how helpful it was to have your music with me during a recent and particularly stressful stay in Calcutta. As you know, I have given the recording to more than 30 of my friends throughout the world.
– SC, Bangkok, Thailand

I am deeply touched by “Reflections of the Soul.” The warm, sensitive tones and nuances as well as the rhythmic flow, so delicately expressed, leave me feeling serene and at peace. I always want to remain still and continue to be surrounded by your music.
– RG, New York

“Reflections of the Soul” is so relaxing, it helps me overcome my aches and pains. I go to sleep with it every night.
– BD, California

“Reflections of the Soul” not only calmed my sick cat, but also quieted my friend’s crying child.
– RC, New York

It is impossible to initiate such a meditation. “Reflections of the Soul” meditates us.
– DM, Michigan

“Reflections of the Soul” is wonderful. I keep playing it here at my office. I am a psychologist, and your music aids in this healing space.
– SF, Texas

Our dog, Muppet, loves to listen to “Reflections of the Soul” as much as we do. When I turn it off she barks like crazy until I turn it on again, and then she sits meek as a lamb, as she quietly listens until she has had her fill.
– PW, California

Thank you for making “Reflections of the Soul” available. I have enjoyed many hours listening to the recording and have found it to be a welcome presence during my weekends alone at my office.
– CS, New York

As I listen to your music, my heart opens and I feel safe.
– DF, New York

The music makes me think of God. It is smuth, very nice and buteful.
– AM, Age 7, New York

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